Zigge Holmgren, the artist himself as Linné.
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Immortalise yourself in a printed and varnished portrait on artist's canvas that looks and even smells like a real oil painting. Or let someone else become what you always imagined him or her to be... The perfect gift for birthdays, wedding days or any other anniversary. Ideal for the person that already has everything!

 The unique POST-ART concept is to synthesise your photo with an old master portrait of your choice, where your wishes come true in a magical way... With a particular fondness for 18th century and renaissance works, splendour is added to your features with digital brushes and a cautious hand... The conversion is always magical and every effort is made to portray you with an honesty that the modern camera could never achieve!  [more]

CLASSICAL PORTRAITS - become the one you could have been...
 SHOWROOM - some examples of my earlier portraits.

CANDY ART - portraits with some more sugar on...
BODYPRINT ART - turn your unique genetic profile into timeless art.
ROCK ART - portraits of rock legends from the latest exhibition.
GIFT CERTIFICATE - if you are simply running out of time, a gift certificate is the perfect choice.



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Wedding & couple portraits
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POST-ART Portrait of the Week
- Jessica -

as "Work Interrupted" (detail) [F13S]
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& win a gift certificate worth 100 USD.
New winner every turn of the month.

(more tips and information at the ORDER section )

  First find an original in the
gallery that you want to use as a template for your portrait. Choose an original that appeals to you and suits your photo.
  Then make the order with the
order form where you also attach your photos of the person to be portrayed
. Naturally you can also send an email or regular mail.
  We encourage contact during the process and finally you'll receive a digital preview of the portrait, a suggestion for approval. We are not satisfied until you are.
We now print, varnish and send (free delivery) you the portrait after payment.

  Payment is made easy with credit card with PayPal or by bank transfer. More details in the order section.

  With our online support below the artist himself will answer questions directly online, most of the time.... offline you can leave a message which will be answered swiftly!

Getting an education is a way out of poverty. That's why Post-Art donate school meals for a child for 45 days every time we sell a portrait. Please read more about United Nations Association of Sweden's school meal-campaign.